Kumar Eye Institute is your Clear Choice

Drs. Kumar’s philosophy is simple: Eye care with compassion. He believes that personalized patient care leads to better treatment, superior outcomes, and happier, healthier patients. Now in his 34th year of private practice, Dr. Sushil Kumar values building relationships with his patients through fostering an environment of professionalism, experience, compassion, and trust. Joined by his son, Dr. Rishi Kumar, a board certified Ophthalmologist specializing in Glaucoma, the pair offers a comprehensive center for eye care health. Recently Dr. Ashima Gupta, a board-certified Ophthalmologist specializing in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus, has joined the Insitute.
Dr. Rishi, Dr. Gupta and Dr. Sushil Kumar look forward to serving your eye care needs, and appointments can often be seen on a next-day basis, though same day appointments are frequently available. Emergencies, of course, will always be seen right away. When it comes to eye care, Kumar Eye Institute is the clear choice.

Complete Eye Exams
Glasses and Contact Lens Prescriptions
Treatment of Eye Diseases and Disorders

School Eye Exams

Glaucoma Medical Treatments
Glaucoma Surgery & Laser
Cataract Surgery with Premium Implants
Dry Eye Syndrome
Macular Degeneration
Diabetic Eye Disease
Pediatric Eye Care
Adult Strabismus (“Lazy Eye”)
Congenital Tear Duct Obstruction
LASIK Vision Correction
PRK/ Advanced Surface Ablation

Astigmatism Implants
Double Vision
Floaters, fFashes
Pink Eye

LATISSE® for Longer Eyelashes

Kumar Building