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Kumar Eye Chronicle Q2-2021


Kumar Eye Institute (KEI) is the first Ophthalmology Practice in Kentucky to offer Intense Pulse Light (IPL)for refractory dry eye. This technology developed from the influence of NASA research on the rejuvenatingproperties of photomodulation is rapidly becoming the preferred strategy for improving the health of theocular surface. Below is an example of infrared imaging used in our clinic to better identify Meibomiangland dysfunction, seen in roughly 80% of dry eye patients. Four separate 20-minute sessions cansignificantly improve natural tear gland function and help to break the debilitating cycle of ocularinflammation and dry eye: a condition that affects more than 16 million people in the U.S.


Dr. Rishi Kumar is pleased to now offer the Johnson andJohnson Precision CATALYS Laser for those patients who areinterested in this next evolution in modern cataract surgery.This system utilizes 3D OCT Imaging and Internal GuidanceTechnology with automatic surface mapping to guide preciseand gentle laser incisions.


CC: Seeing Black Spots
HPI: 29 year old white male presents to clinic for evaluation of episodes of seeing black spots forapproximately 1.5 years. The patient notices that it may be associated with physical exercise and a typicalepisode lasts 30-45 minutes.
Physical exam is notable for myopic correction to 20/20, intraocular pressure of OD 23/ OS 24, andnormal pupillary response. Clinically relevant photos are seen below.

The clinical photos above from left to right demonstrate loss of iris pigment (Fig.1) with deposition ofmaterial in the iridocorneal angle (Fig. 2). This is consistent with a condition known as Pigment DispersionSyndrome. During periods of exercise when the pupil is maximally dilated, pigment from the iris stromarubs off which leads to
blurry vision and an increase in the intraocular pressure. Young and middle-agednear sighted patients can suffer permanent damage to the Optic Nerve (Fig. 3). Because the condition canoften be asymptomatic, it is important for patients to see a qualified eye care provider for a glaucomascreening.
A surgical procedure known as a Laser Peripheral Irodotomy (Fig. 4) may be indicated for someof these patients to prevent worsening of the condition. This can conviently be performed in office by ourDr. Rishi Kumar, a Fellowship trained Glaucoma Specialist.


After training with her father Dr. Sushil Kumar, forover a year Dr. Ashima Gupta took over for Dr.Kumar Sr. at the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemicin March 2020. She is now actively managingpatients with macular degeneration and diabeticretinopathy at our Hazelwood location. She is stillpracticing Pediatric Ophthalmology and AdultStrabismus at our Poplar Level Road location. Dr.Gupta performs surgical Pediatric and AdultStrabismus cases in affiliation with NortonChildrens and UofL Jewish South.