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Covid Response

COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that is spread from person to person through particles produced when an infected person exhales, talks, vocalizes, sneezes, or coughs. COVID-19 may also be transmitted when people touch a contaminated object and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth, although that is less common. COVID-19 is highly transmissible and can be spread by people who have no symptoms and who do not know they are infected. Particles containing the virus can travel more than 6 feet, especially indoors. The CDC estimates that over fifty percent of the recent spread of the virus is from individuals with no symptoms at the time of spread.

Kumar Eye Institute takes all necessary precautions including:

  • Sanitizing exam areas after each patient
  • Wearing personal protection equipment
  • Covid screenings at patient entrances
  • Employees are encouraged to get vaccinated
  • We also offer telemedicine options for current patient who will not risk exposure.

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