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Durysta Microimplant System offering more Glaucoma Options Dr. Rishi Kumar MD has recently started offering a new micro implant for helping patients better control their intraocular pressure, the number one risk factor in Glaucoma progression. The Durysta implant is a tiny biodegradable poylmer matrix that contains 10 mcg of Bimatoprost which is slowly eluted from […]

Kumar Eye Chronicle Q2-2021

INTENSE PULSE LIGHT THERAPY Kumar Eye Institute (KEI) is the first Ophthalmology Practice in Kentucky to offer Intense Pulse Light (IPL)for refractory dry eye. This technology developed from the influence of NASA research on the rejuvenatingproperties of photomodulation is rapidly becoming the preferred strategy for improving the health of theocular surface. Below is an example […]

A Patient’s Guide to Artificial Tears

By: Jessica Greenwell, Lead TechnicianSome data suggests that 48% of adults are affected by dry eye disease, so one of the most common drops we recommend for our patients are artificial tears. For patients with mild to moderate cases, artificial tears can be very effective when used as recommended. Here, I’ll share tips for shopping […]